Monday, March 14, 2011

SOS, or Southern Oklahoma Sky

Here is my compilation of observances of the wierd sky, 5 afternoons out of  7, every week.

What I do, is deliver newspapers, about 200 of them, every afternoon, in a rurual area in Southern Oklahoma. Out of town, "in the sticks" if you will, out in the BOONIES, heh, heh.

 And, I see all kinds of activity in the skies, but, it is only when I have time to pull over, get out, and shoot a few pics, is when I get these shots, and I am posting them for all to see . . . I been watchin' the skies since the late 60's, and never seen stuff like I see today . . .

OK, 'nuff said, time to get back to work, and as always, "MORE TO COME!"

(Special thanks to "Cathy Palmer" who told me I should start my own Blog. . .  ThnX, CP!)

Okie Phil, over and out, till next time!

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